Forgotten Corners

I live in the historic town of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. Being a tourist destination, the imagery associated with this area is often idyllic — replete with sweeping vistas, sunsets and joyous festivals.

This project attempts to venture beyond that postcard-ready representation with an alternative, but equally reverent, look at the town’s less obvious sites and related locations. Here, we see unvarnished living history, back allies, jarring architectural juxtapositions, and a heightened examination (and appreciation) of the everyday.

The title of this series is borrowed from a feature on my photography which was published by Mountain Life Magazine in summer 2016. Several of these images appeared in the article, and additional pieces have been added here to expand upon the forgotten corners theme.

— Will Skol

This series was exhibited as a solo exhibition featuring ten large prints. The show was held throughout January and February, 2017, at the Tremont Hall Gallery in Collingwood, Ontario.

Government Building

Government Building, 2016
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Three Bays

Three Bays, 2013
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Ste. Marie & Simcoe

Ste. Marie & Simcoe, 2014
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Plaza Billiards, Home Of The Corner Pocket Club

Plaza Billiards, Home Of The Corner Pocket Club, 2014
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Loading Dock

Loading Dock, 2016
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Shuttered Drive-In

Shuttered Drive-In, 2015
Springwater Township, Ontario, Canada

Shuttered Drive-In (Enshrouded)

Shuttered Drive-In (Enshrouded), 2015
Clearview Township, Ontario, Canada

Taillights In Laneway

Taillights In Laneway, 2015
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Pay Here

Pay Here, 2014
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

The Norisle At Night

The Norisle At Night, 2014
Manitowaning, Manitoulin Island, Canada
The S.S. Norisle is part of Collingwood’s shipbuilding history. Learn more >

Spotlit Staircase

Spotlit Staircase, 2016
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
See more images of Collingwood’s historic grain elevators in The Terminals project >

Terminals Amidst The Bullrushes

Terminals Amidst The Bullrushes, 2016
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada


Watertower, 2016
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Arena Roof

Arena Roof, 2015
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Downtown Pier

Downtown Pier, 2015
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Cemetery At Dusk

Cemetery At Dusk, 2015
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

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